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We are proud to be a Covid-Safe workplace. Our staff and inspectors are 100% vaccinated.
We also have the following safety measures in place:

Masks and Hand Sanitiser 

Social Distancing Protocols 

QR Check-In Where Required

Covid-19 Infection Control Training

Company Covid Safety Plan 

Have you completed any renovation work on your property within the last 6.5 years? Are you now ready to sell?
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A Pre-Purchase house inspection from an independent and reliable Inspector is a worthwhile investment.
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We can arrange pest inspections to include a comprehensive pest inspection and/or treatment performed by professionally trained pest Inspectors.
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Having the team at The Home Inspection Hub assist you during each construction phase will give you peace of mind.
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A PCI inspection takes place at the completion of your build and provides an important opportunity for any faults and defects to be identified.
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A new home contract can be a lengthy and detailed document. Let one of our experienced inspectors review your contract before you commit to such a large financial purchase.
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A maintenance inspection will identify any issues and defects in your new build within the agreed maintenance period.
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Our inspectors highlight a range of issues and defects in the course of their inspections. View our gallery here.
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The Home Inspection Hub can help you through the renovation process.
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A Special Purpose inspection can be helpful in identifying a specific defect or the extent of an issue.
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Is your swimming pool or spa safe? There are new rules in place in Victoria for pool and spa owners, with heavy penalties for those who do not comply with the regulations.
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Are Dilapidation reports necessary before any construction work takes place?
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Do you own a residential rental property or holiday home? If the answer is yes, you may be interested to know that you’re entitled to tax deductions.
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An Inspector can prepare a VCAT compliant legal document, outlining the defect/s in disputes and including an expert opinion about the issue.
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A dispute with your builder can be a drawn-out process. A building dispute report from The Home Inspection Hub can help.
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A Scott Schedule from The Home Inspection can help if you are in dispute with your builder. Call us for more information.
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About The Home Inspection Hub

The Home Inspection Hub are the experts in residential building inspections.

Our mission is to act as an independent guide throughout the inspection process, providing our residential clients with the highest quality service and timely, comprehensive reports.

Our qualified and experienced inspectors conduct:

  • Pre-purchase house inspections.
  • All stages of new home construction inspections, from contract review through to post-completion maintenance.
  • Special purpose and owner builder defects reports, and; specialist services such as tax depreciation schedules and VCAT/Expert Witness reports.
  • We also partner with a reputable pest inspection company to offer combined building and pest inspections.

The Home Inspection Hub has its central office in Boronia, in Melbourne’s south-eastern suburbs. From this base, we have contract inspectors who carry out our wide range of inspection services across metropolitan Melbourne, Geelong and Central Victoria.

Our sister company, SPI Property Inspections, is a building inspection company with an established base of commercial and infrastructure clients. At The Home Inspection Hub, we work for you. Our goal is to provide you with expert and independent advice in a timely manner, to help you make informed decisions when buying, selling, building or renovating a home.

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