5 Easy Ways to Boost the Value of your Home

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In just a few weeks, the spring selling season will be upon us once more.

With property prices across Melbourne and Victoria having seen a drop over the last few months, sellers are looking to improve the value of their property without a big outlay of cash.

Here are five ways you can attract potential buyers without breaking the bank.

1. External Wall Repair and Painting

The exterior of your home can make a great first impression – or a disappointing one – depending on its condition.

A property with a well-maintained exterior will attract more interest than one that looks neglected or shabby.

With some good preparation, quality materials and basic know-how, you can patch and paint your own home, giving it an instant lift and boosting its kerb appeal.

2. Landscaping and Planting


You don’t need the services of a professional gardener to make your garden look fresh, updated and appealing to a potential buyer.

Start by mowing, weeding and removing dead plants. Turn over garden beds and refresh mulch or tan bark. Invest in some spring planting, cut back overhanging tree branches, re-sow bald patches of lawn and pressure wash paths and driveways.

Consider filling paths and garden beds river stones or gravel for a neat, modern look.

3. Low-Cost Renovations

If your bathroom and kitchen are looking tired and dated, you can update and refresh these important rooms without incurring the cost of a major renovation. Ways to do this include:

  • Having your shower or floor tiles re-grouted or replacing the tiles
  • Updating taps, shower heads, shower curtains and towel rails
  • Replacing lights, blinds or curtains
  • A fresh coat of paint in a neutral colour
  • Add mirrors or extra low-cost storage

If you have a limited budget, consider investing in one piece that needs to be replaced such as a vanity or kitchen benchtop, and update and refresh the rest of the area with small, affordable changes such as a coat of paint, some plants and some (borrowed if necessary) funky touches of décor and appliances.

4. Clean and De-Clutter

Cleaning Products

Whether or not your home is being professionally staged for inspection, it needs to be clean and free of mess, clutter and most personal belongings before you hold inspections.

Your property should be a blank canvas as much as possible, so that potential buyers can envisage their own furniture and belongings in each room.

A quick guide:

  1. Clean windows and windowsills
  2. Dust and vacuum thoroughly
  3. Scrub kitchen cabinets sinks, benchtops and tiles
  4. De-clutter wardrobes, pantries and cabinets
  5. Clear away books, toys, papers and photo frames (if just for the duration of the inspection

5. New Flooring and Lighting

Potential buyers at an inspection will immediately notice the quality of your floor coverings

Fresh, clean carpet always makes a good impression, as do well-maintained floorboards.

If you can’t afford to replace them, have your carpets steam-cleaned and polish your floorboards to have them looking the best.

The same goes for lighting – well-lit rooms are a must for potential buyers.

Clean and repair your existing light fittings or replace them if necessary. Use warm yellow globes in your living areas to create a cosy feel, leaving brighter, functional globes for laundries, garages and other utilitarian spaces.

Attractive lighting in your garden and outdoor areas can help make these areas look more inviting to potential buyers.

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