A Pre-Sale Building and Pest Inspection Can Help You Sell Your Home

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A Pre-Sale Building and Pest Inspection Can Help You Sell Your Home

Arranging a building and pest inspection is an essential part of the process when buying a home.

While the cost of this inspection is usually borne by a potential purchaser, many vendors see the wisdom in arranging this type of inspection themselves.

If you are selling your home, arranging a pre-sale building and pest inspection has a number of benefits:

Make things easier for potential buyers

This can especially work to your advantage if you are selling your house at auction. A potential buyer who can see a current building and pest inspection with only a short timeframe before the auction will feel more confident about making a bid, especially if they view the property for the first time on the day of the auction.

An easier sales process

Potential buyers often make a satisfactory building and pest inspection a condition of contract when making an offer. Having a report from a reputable, independent inspection company may expedite the sales process with genuinely interested buyers, avoiding the possibility of your sale falling through if the report arranged by a potential buyer does not meet their standards.

Be an informed vendor

The biggest advantage of arranging the building and pest inspection yourself is that it will highlight issues that you can rectify before you put your home on the market. Arranging repairs and fixing defects allows you to negotiate the best possible sale price for your home, secure in the knowledge that your home is of a high standard and worth the asking price.

Knowing the true condition of your home gives you the knowledge to agree on a realistic price, and to be fully informed when potential buyers begin the negotiation process.

Hub customer Colin recently organised a building and pest inspection before listing his Melbourne property for sale.

 ‘As a vendor it was great to get an unbiased report about the condition of our house prior to putting it on the market’, said Colin.

 ‘It alerted us to some minor maintenance items which we were able to attend to.  Had any major items been discovered, we had the option to either fix them or factor that into the price, hence being proactive and avoiding any late minute surprises.’

When buying or selling a home, all parties want the process to be as smooth and uncomplicated as possible. If a building and pest inspection has already been completed, you are less likely to have to agree to a conditional offer. You can negotiate from a position of strength.

Says Colin, ‘‘I can’t think of anything worse than having a great offer on the table, then being put in an awkward position once a pre purchase inspection is held!’.

If you are in the process of selling your home, book a building and pest inspection with a reputable, experienced and independent company.

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