Benefits of Selling Property In Winter

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Benefits of Selling Property In Winter


There are many advantages to selling property during Winter, despite the appeal of selling during Spring and Summer.  Here are some reasons why you should consider selling your property during the cooler months of the year:

  • You can play around with the décor to help sway a potential buyer. Creating a warm and comforting environment is important as it can sway a potential home buyer.  Placing fleecy throw rugs, multiple cushions and floor mats can instantly provide some warmth to an area.
  • The cooler months offer a good chance to keep a close eye on the home’s heating. Visiting a home during a rainy period can identify any problems regarding drainage or leakage. Buyers will be taking note of this and judge accordingly; so if your heating system is up to scratch you may please some interested potential buyers.
  • A lower supply of properties for sale translates into less choice for buyers which means a hotter competition at auction. As we move into Winter, buyers are getting frustrated by the lack of stock available to them and this often works in the seller’s favour as the general supply/demand principle drives up your property’s value.
  • You can take full advantage with your advertising campaign with many opting to ‘stay in’ and use their spare time surfing the web for listings.


Arranging a Pre-Sale inspection and condition report prior to listing your property on the market is an essential and wise investment. To be sure your property can be presented the best possible light, engage the team at The Hub who will make sure you know everything about your property before you put it on the market.

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