Do I Need a New Home Construction Inspection at each Stage of my Build?

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Building a new home is a big commitment time, money and energy.

Organising a new home construction inspection at each stage of your build will ensure your home is being built to the relevant Australian standards, and in line with the contract you have signed.

A new home is built in stages – an inspection should be carried out at the conclusion of one stage and before the next, in order for any issues or defects to be identified and rectified. It’s crucial for the inspections to be conducted by inspectors with significant experience in the building industry, who know what to look for at each stage of construction.

New home construction inspections are conducted at each critical juncture of your build:

Base Stage – Carried out before the concrete is poured. This enables the inspector to check that the workmanship is to an acceptable standard and that good quality control measures are in place.

Frame Stage – At this stage, the frame has been completed and approved by the building surveyor.

Lockup/Pre-Plaster Stage– At this stage, the roof coverings are fixed, external doors and windows are fixed, even if temporarily. Wall cladding may be only partly complete and will be inspected at future stages, depending on the build process.

Fixing Stage – At this stage, internal cladding, architraves, skirting, doors, sinks, cabinets and cupboards are now fixed into position.

Final Inspection (PCI) – this inspection occurs before the keys are handed over.

What kinds of issues do new home construction inspections at each stage uncover?

Here are some examples of the kinds of issues and defects that our inspectors  identify at each stage of a new home build inspection:

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