Book Us For Construction Inspections Now!

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Book Us For Construction Inspections Now!

After many long months you’ve finally bought your ideal land, the contract has (thankfully) been signed, and even the colour selections have been finalised! Before you start building your home, there is one important step you need to make first. Hiring a third-party inspection service! Organising an independent property inspector with thorough building knowledge and experience can save you money and more importantly, unnecessary stress. This is where we, The Home Inspection Hub, can assist you in your time of need.

We can offer inspections for the key stages of construction:

  • Base Stage
  • Frame Stage
  • Lock-up/ Pre-Plaster
  • Fixing Stage
  • Waterproofing Inspection
  • PCI/ Final Handover

You may be questioning the purpose of booking all these stages so here are some reasons to explain why you need to engage our team.

  • At each stage, your Inspector will check the workmanship. If they find the works do not meet the Australian standard at one stage, they will check it again when they next visit the property.
  • Each report is based on the Guide to Standards and Tolerances 2015. This guide is a reference for acceptable standards of workmanship in domestic building construction.
  • Defects that are picked up from our inspections will be passed along with urgency. If you don’t have inspections throughout the construction process and find issues in the later stages, any problems may become more prominent and costly to fix.
  • You can be assured that your Inspector is working for you and acting on your behalf. In most cases, the Inspector that you are paired with will see the construction process through from the start to the very end and be there for you during the exciting (but stressful) time.
  • We have found that most clients who engage us for all inspection stages have less concerns and problems throughout the duration of the build.
  • Your Inspector will provide a verbal summary after each inspection so you will keep up to date with the progress of the build.

We can offer you a discount package if you engage us for four or five stages of construction inspections. Contact our team on 1300 071 283 or click here to submit a free online quote.

Let The Home Inspection Hub help you secure your dreams, with a simple service to make sure you have a safe home.