Finding The Right Inspector

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Finding The Right Inspector

While it’s a wise decision to have an inspection carried out, you may not be aware that the Victorian building inspection industry is not regulated. This means that you may be choosing an Inspector who lacks the knowledge and experience required to identify defects and issues within a house.

1. Experience

Experience is necessary when selecting the right Inspector. For you to make a well-informed decision when it comes to a property purchase, the right Inspector will have sound knowledge because of their extensive industry experience. Be sure to ask how many inspections the inspection company has carried out, how long they have been conducting inspections and what experience the inspectors have in the industry.

2. Insurance

Choosing an Inspector that is adequately insured is a must. An inspection company should have Professional Indemnity, to cover the advice they are offering and Public Liability. We encourage you to ask before you book in an inspection.

3. Reports

Receiving a thoroughly written report and verbal summary is a good indication that you have selected the right Inspector. Reports need to include a photographic record on every element on site and a detailed summary at the end of the report. Be sure to ask if you will receive a verbal summary along with a written report. The right Inspector would want to ensure you understand his report.

Why you should select The Home Inspection Hub?

At The Home Inspection Hub, we are a family business, with our inspectors having extensive experience in inspecting homes for up to 20 years. Our Inspectors can provide helpful, unbiased advice for any potential maintenance or repair work and provide you with the peace of mind with your investment property.

The Home Inspection Hub also:

  • Keeps up to date with the latest building codes and regulations.
  • Has reports that comply with Australian Standard (AS 4349.1-2007), concerning inspections of residential dwellings.
  • Provides written and verbal reports which includes photographs, a detailed summary and a breakdown of terminology.
  • Can conduct specialised inspections to investigate a specific problem and how it can be rectified.
  • Will send out your reports via email within 24 hours to ensure you have time to decide whether the purchase price is reasonable.


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