Five Ways to Storm-Proof Your Home

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With Australia at the mercy of La Nina, changing climate patterns, and unpredictable, high-impact weather events such as floods and storms, our homes are taking a battering like never before. An episode of wild weather can leave you with roof damage, window and skylight repairs, uprooted trees and power outages,  along with more serious issues like structural repairs and even a major renovation of your home (though we hope not).

Keep reading for five ways to storm-proof your property and protect your family in the event of a major storm.

1.Trim Trees Regularly

 Storms and heavy winds can turn tree branches into airborne missiles – and if the storm or wind is heavy enough, an uprooted tree can do significant damage to your home or to neighbouring properties, including posing a threat to life. Trim branches regularly, remove dead wood and keep your roofline clear of overhanging foliage.

2.Maintain Your Gutters

 Blocked gutters mean heavy rains have nowhere to go – except back onto your roof, down walls and possible into the foundations of your property. A build-up of debris will also lead to rusted, decaying gutters, leading to costly repairs or replacement. Clear, clean and repair them yourself on a regular basis or have them done professionally at least once a year.

3. Keep Your Roof In Good Nick

 A leaky roof should never be ignored – and can turn into a real catastrophe in a heavy storm. Don’t ignore signs of wear such as chipped or missing tiles, mould and discolouration or rotting and damaged flashing, fascia or timber. The same goes for the sealing around doors and windows –attend to gaps, cracks and leaks so that your home is waterproof when a storm hits.

4. Secure Your Car and Other Items

Storm on the way? Put outdoor furniture, bikes, plants, hosereels and toys somewhere safe, and secure larger items such as trampolines, bins, barbeques and tables. Move any vehicles undercover if possible or protect against hail with a well-secured tarp or hail cover if you have no choice but to leave your vehicle outside.

 5.Check the Condition of your Fences

Loose or rotting fence panels may only need a heavy downpour or a few hours of strong winds to be completely destroyed. The same goes for fences that are starting to bow or lean – some basic fence maintenance can guard against the worst effects of a storm.

How to Prepare for a Storm

Once your home is as storm-proof as it can be, what else can you do to make sure you and your family are safe when the weather turns wild?

  1. Prepare an emergency kit – torches, water, blankets, a first aid kit and some food. Store important documents and medication in waterproof bags.
  2. Have a plan to keep your pets safe – animals can behave in unpredictable ways during storms.
  3. Prepare an emergency plan for everyone in the household including babies, the elderly and anyone who cannot move quickly.
  4. Ensure you have a way of staying in touch with emergency services and local news reports that it not dependent on your power supply – the best option is a battery-powered radio.

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