Guest Inspector 'Bailey'

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Guest Inspector 'Bailey'

The Home Inspection Hub had a special guest inspector join our team recently.

Introducing – Bailey!

We put Bailey through his paces to see if would make the grade as a Home Inspection Hub inspector*

Due to an unfortunate incident involving a chewed lanyard – and far too much playtime, – we were unable to offer Bailey a position, however, we can announce that Bailey is officially ‘A Very Good Boy’ and earned his nap at the end of the day.

*Not our actual inspector training 😊

Photo 14 7 20 2 03 30 pm 225x300 - Guest Inspector 'Bailey'
Bailey receives his ID badge for the day.
Photo 14 7 20 2 15 11 pm 225x300 - Guest Inspector 'Bailey'
'This grass doesn't look like it's up to code'.
Checking the paw tegrity of the retaining wall e1595208537261 225x300 - Guest Inspector 'Bailey'
Checking the 'paw-tegrity' of the retaining wall.
Ill check the condition 300x225 - Guest Inspector 'Bailey'
'I'll check the condition of this decking right after I've finished chewing my ID badge'.
I think youll find e1595208707175 225x300 - Guest Inspector 'Bailey'
'I think you'll find my contract stipulates more treats'.
Ill need to play with 300x225 - Guest Inspector 'Bailey'
'I'll need to play with these toys a bit longer before I submit my report'.
Another happy customer 300x225 - Guest Inspector 'Bailey'
'Another happy customer - now I snooze'.

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