Have You Thought About Selling in Autumn?

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Have You Thought About Selling in Autumn?

As summer slowly transitions to autumn, there are many good reasons to put your home on the market.

Autumn, with its crisp days, drifts of richly-coloured leaves and the cosinesss open fires and indoor living, is a favourite season of many. Maximise the appeal of your home if you are selling in autumn by following our autumn selling guide.

No More Holiday Madness

By the time autumn comes around, the holiday season of Christmas and the new year is over, and the routine and rhythm of the working and school year is well-established. Prospective buyers will be thinking of the ‘big things’ they need to achieve, including the purchase of a home. Stable, clement weather adds to the appeal of spending weekends at property inspections.

Beat the Competition

While spring is touted as the prime selling season, (with summer not far behind as we experienced last year), autumn has the advantage of less competition among sellers, and a large pool of buyers who have either sold in spring/summer and need to purchase, or who were unable to secure a property in the warmer months.

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The Weather Advantage

In many parts of Australia, March, April and early May enjoy the best of both worlds when it comes to weather – fresh mornings, warm days and crisp, cool evenings, which make inspections ideal.

Changes in global climate trends mean that seasons have less defined start and end dates, meaning that warm days can extend right throughout the autumn months, and lush summer gardens have an extended life, combining with autumn foliage to create gardens with dual appeal.

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Gorgeous Gardens

Autumn rain can bring welcome greenery to your garden, and the vibrant colours of autumn leaves have perennial appeal. Rake up piles of dead leaves to prevent them rotting, and clear and clean your gutters before your put your home on the market.  Mow your lawns, trim back any brown or dead foliage which didn’t survive the summer, and do some autumn planting which will bloom as the season progresses.

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Let Hygge Help

Hygge, (pronounced ‘hoo-ga’) is a Danish concept which roughly translates to ‘a feeling of cozy contentment’. It describes enjoying life’s simple pleasures. Autumn is the perfect time to embrace this captivating idea.

Strive to create an atmosphere of hygge in your home with a neutral colour palettes of grays, browns and creams. Stage your home for inspections with fluffy pillows and soft cushions and throws. Highlight cosy nooks such as window benches and outdoor covered areas. For overcast days, warm lamplight, twinkle lights or an open fire will make your home extra appealing. Consider adding items of décor in natural materials like wood and wool.

If your home is in an area which comes into its own in the cooler months, maximise your advantage by making sure open fires and woodstoves are clean and in good repair and undercover entertainment and play areas look cosy and inviting.


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