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Having the team at The Home Inspection Hub assist you during each construction phase will give you peace of mind.
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A Pre-Purchase house inspection from an independent and reliable Inspector is a worthwhile investment.
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The Home Inspection Hub can help you through the renovation process.
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Have you completed any renovation work on your property within the last 6.5 years? Are you now ready to sell?
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We can arrange pest inspections to include a comprehensive pest inspection and/or treatment performed by professionally trained pest Inspectors.
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Are Dilapidation reports necessary before any construction work takes place?
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An Inspector can prepare a VCAT compliant legal document, outlining the defect/s in disputes and including an expert opinion about the issue.
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Do you own a residential rental property or holiday home? If the answer is yes, you may be interested to know that you’re entitled to tax deductions.
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A Special Purpose inspection can be helpful in identifying a specific defect or the extent of an issue.
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