How to Choose a Real Estate Agent

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How to Choose a Real Estate Agent

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Buying or selling a home involves a big commitment of time and money and choosing an agent can be a daunting decision. A wrong move can cost you thousands if you don’t get the best possible price for your home. Worst case scenario? Your home doesn’t sell, and you have to go back to the drawing board.

There are thousands of real estate agents in Victoria. How do you choose one who will do the best job for you?

Experience is Key

A real estate agent only needs a year of experience as an agent’s representative before applying for their agent’s licence. While someone less experienced may still have the skill and knowledge to do a good job for you, this is an industry where experience really matters. Don’t be afraid to ask questions such as how long your agent has been in business, what qualifications they have, and who will be responsible for various aspects of your sales campaign.

Research and Research Some More

Doing your research is important. Make a list of agents in your area and ask them to provide sales data such as the average number of days on the market and auction clearance rates. They should be  also be happy to provide details of previous listings and sales results.

Keep an eye out on the advertising boards of properties for sale in your street and local area. Do they look professional? Is there a quick turnaround in sales?

This is where recommendations from friends and family can be helpful, as the groundwork in building trust and establishing credentials has in some part already been done for you. You should however always use your own judgement before signing a contract.

Think Local

Local knowledge can’t be overstated as an important factor in choosing a good agent. Find an agent who is well-established in your area and has a wealth of knowledge about the amenities and demographics of the area, and what new development and infrastructure is on the horizon.

People who are thinking of moving into the area will use this information to help them make their decision.

Marketing is an Investment

A good agent understands the importance of a well-planned marketing campaign for their clients, and they see marketing as an investment rather than a cost.

A good marketing campaign should cross multiple channels – print media, social media and digital, including listings on all major real estate sites.

Professional photography should also form a part of the marketing package, and video tours/drone inspections are now also common ways to market a property and create interest.

The more exposure your property receives, the more potential buyers can be reached, and this may involve an extra initial investment.

A reputable agent should have an existing database of potential buyers to call upon.

Set Clear Goals

Before the campaign commences, set clear goals with your agent around the marketing campaign and the range of offers you would be happy to accept.


An agent who offers the cheapest commission is not necessarily going to do the best job for you. Why are their fees discounted? Do they have trouble finding clients?

Confidentiality and Communication

A reputable agent will answer your enquiries promptly and keep in regular contact throughout the sales process.

Beware of agents who are quick to pass on confidential information, either about prospective buyers, previous clients or competitors. Chances are they will think nothing of doing the same to you.

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