How to Sell Your Home in Summer

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Victoria’s spring selling season will again extend into the warmer months as a result of delays caused by the state’s extended lockdown and real estate restrictions.

Selling your home in summer can be an advantage if you know how to work with the season to make your property appealing and show it to its best advantage.

Keep reading for some ideas to help you sell your home as temperatures soar.

Do you live in a coastal area or a town or city popular with tourists over the summer months?  Take advantage of an influx or potential buyers ready for a sea change or looking for a holiday home. Offer your home as a long or short-term holiday rental to give potential buyers a taste of what’s it like to live in your area – or help them make up their mind to make the move.

This is the time to show the outdoor living aspects of your home to their best advantage – your outdoor entertaining areas – patios, pergolas, decks, verandahs and other outdoor spaces should be cleaned, repaired and painted to spruce them up. Consider updating your outdoor furnishings decor and plants for a fresh look.

Maintaining your deck throughout the year is also a great idea as a well-kept deck adds beauty and value to your home.

A pool or spa can also be a great selling point (especially for families) in the summer months.  There is an abundance of information available on how to clean and maintain your pool.

If you are weighing up whether to invest in a pool, read our blog on the pros and cons of pool ownership.

A home with a lush green lawn and blooming summer garden will stand out to buyers over the hot summer months.  Now is the time to plant some hardy summer plants, start a regular watering regime for your lawn and trim back any dead branches and shrubbery, to give your home as much kerb appeal as possible.

Local Attractions?

Do you live near the beach, a lake or river, or close by to recreational and entertainment facilities which really shine in the summer months? Make sure the advertising campaign for your property capitalises on these advantages

Got kayaks, pool toys, fishing equipment and sand-buckets in your garage? Arrange them in an inviting display to give potential owners lifestyle inspiration when they attend an open for inspection.

 Keep Your Cool

Is your home now ready for inspection? If it’s a warm day, open up your home and let the sun and fresh air in. Open blinds, curtain and windows and make sure drapery is clean and fresh. If it’s going to be a really hot day, make your home cool and inviting to prospective buyers. Keep blinds and curtains closed and turn on the air-conditioner. Make sure cold water is available for buyers, and have your outdoor area under shade as well, if possible.

Time to Inspect

While traditionally the months leading up to Christmas are the busiest for homes on the market, think about pushing this out to the first couple of months of the new year. This is when typically there are fewer properties on the market, and so competition is stronger for well-presented homes.

People tend to reassess their lifestyles and priorities at the start of the year, and so you will capture a segment of buyers ready to make a decision – and not exhausted from the end-of-year Christmas chaos!

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