The importance of New Home Inspections

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The importance of New Home Inspections

After signing the contract for the construction of your New Home, you are excited to watch the build unfold. You have spent months picking the ideal suburb, selecting the builders and designing the plans with an architect.  There’s a long list of decisions that need to be made just to get to this point!  There’s also one important step you also need to complete before your build commences.  We recommend having a building inspector assess the status of your new home build.

What is the importance of having your new home build inspected by a third-party Inspector?

  1. At each stage, your Inspector will check the workmanship at every important stage of the build. This enables them to let you know if it fails to meet the Australian standard & will re-check when they next visit the property.
  2. Defects that are picked up from our inspections will be passed along with urgency. Conversely, when you don’t have inspections throughout the construction process and find issues in the later stages, these problems may become more prominent and more expensive to fix.
  3. For you to be well-informed during the construction of your build, the right Inspector will have sound knowledge because of their extensive industry experience.

We can offer inspections for the key stages of construction:

  • Base Stage
  • Frame Stage
  • Lock-up/ Pre-Plaster
  • Fixing Stage
  • PCI/ Final Handover

Although you can select our service for a single inspection, we can also offer our clients a discount package if you engage us for four or five stages of construction inspections.

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