The Hub's Business Development Manager

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The Hub's Business Development Manager

We had a chat with our enthusiastic Business Development Manager Scott Leavy about his role at The Home Inspection Hub.

What does your job involve?

Scott: I am the Business Development Manager at The Home Inspection Hub. Some key points of my role includes:

  • Increase sales opportunities by sourcing new customers to The Home Inspection Hub.
  • Maintain and enhance existing relationships with clients to ensure they stay satisfied with our service.
  • Look at ways to better meet the needs of existing customers.
  • Improve our position in the marketplace and achieve financial growth targets.
  • Track and record sales results for our sales team.
  • Conduct research and development into new services, market trends or customer demands.

What sort of people do you speak to with regards to your Business Development work?

Scott: I promote our inspection services to Real estate agents, Mortgage brokers, Conveyancers, Lawyers, Property managers, Solicitors and Clients looking to get an inspection done (e.g. pre-purchase/special purchase/owner builder inspections).

What sort of proposals do you typically put forward when meeting people?

Scott: We can offer organisation referral agreements for sending clients directly to The Home Inspection Hub.  We also offer mutual business arrangements (e.g. cross promote on each companies’ websites and social media platforms). Additionally, we offer New Home Inspection packages (a discount when purchasing 4 or 5 stage inspections).

What is your favourite part about doing BD work?

Scott: My favourite part would be meeting new people every day and telling them about The Home Inspection Hub. I also enjoy informing people of the various types of inspections that The Home Inspection Hub can offer, increasing people’s knowledge around inspections and assisting people during their process of purchasing their dream home.

Why do you recommend choosing The Home Inspection Hub above all other inspection companies?

  • Our inspectors have a wealth of knowledge in the industry.                                        
  • We have a passionate sales team who will go above and beyond to assist our clients.                       
  • We offer a variety of inspections.                                                                       
  • Great logo/name and marketing campaign to support our brand.
  • We cover the Melbourne metro, Greater Geelong and central Victorian areas.

If you would like to learn more about The Home Inspection Hub or what services we offer, check out our website here.

To have a chat with Scott regarding any proposals, to answer questions about how we can help you or to simply have a chat, call him on 03 8578 1876, email on or reach him on LinkedIn here.