Is a Contract Review important?

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Is a Contract Review important?

We chat to one of our experienced inspectors, Alan Green, on his thoughts about all things Contract-Review.  Alan is a registered architect and Fellow of the Royal Australian Institute of Architects. He is also a registered industrial and commercial builder, and has considerable experience in construction management, having been the owner of his own development company.

Alan also undertakes project management work for private and Government clients, and acts as an Expert Witness for VCAT and the Supreme Court.  He’s also our go-to inspector for Contract Reviews and is very experienced in this field.

A contract review is like any legal document and it is the basis of the working relationship between the owner and builder.  If you’re going to put your signature on a document, you need to know what it contains  as well as understanding what it means. It’s an agreement between parties which is legally binding.

Be wary of:

  • Most disputes between an owner and builder arise due to a mismatch of expectations between the builder and owner. In other words, the client needs to know what they want is included in the contract which unfortunately often does not necessarily line up with the builder’s expectations of what he thinks the owner wants.
  • Builders often push a client to sign the contract to get a sale, and push to leave some details to a later time to be treated as variations to the contract amount. It is important to ensure the contract is as tight as possible, and includes all the client’s expectations including colours, types of taps, floor finishes etc. These should all be included in the contract and priced before signing.
  • If in doubt, the client should not be afraid to ask questions and it’s important to not be “snowed” by the builder. Some builders are very good at trying to confuse an owner, some unwittingly, some deliberately.

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