Knock down rebuilds are trending in Melbourne

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Knock down rebuilds are trending in Melbourne

As many families are expanding, not only are their life styles changing, but so are their property needs. Should we buy another house? Perhaps we look at renovating our current home? There are many ideas to consider, but all options seem quite costly. The Home Inspection Hub investigates a potentially less-costly option that is currently trending in Melbourne: knock down rebuilds.

What is a knock-down rebuild?

As the name suggests, a knock down rebuild involves knocking down a property and rebuilding on the same area. Knocking down and rebuilding is a growing trend that is saving some families a fair amount of money. With a knockdown rebuild project you get a fresh, modern, energy-efficient home for typically less than the cost of a renovation project or buying a new property entirely.

What are the perks of knocking down and rebuilding?

  • You can sell parts of the old structures of the property and make extra $$
  • You can design the property to fit your exact needs and requirements
  • You can potentially save thousands of dollars on the overall cost of the project compare to other options such as buying another property or renovating.

At The Home Inspection Hub, we have many clients come to us and request that we follow their knock-down rebuild construction from the start until the finish.

The stages we offer include:

  • Base stage
  • Frame stage
  • Lock up/Pre-plaster stage
  • Fixing stage
  • Final Handover stage

If you select 4 or more stages, you can qualify for a discount on the final stage inspection.

To read more about our New Home Construction inspections that we can offer all of our knock-down rebuild clients, click here.


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