Life in Lockdown

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Life in Lockdown

2020 will certainly be a year the world- and Australia – doesn’t forget.

We have all had to adapt to a way of life that we could not have imagined six months ago.

For Melburnians, restrictions are currently in place on how far we can travel and what we can do. This situation has been challenging in so many ways, particularly for citizens of a city that is usually thumping with life.

We asked the team for snapshots of their lives in lockdown and asked them to share their thoughts about the experience.

As you can see, family, home, nature and pets are the things that bring joy and appreciation and help us endure difficult times.


‘Lockdown for me has allowed me to spend time enjoying the ‘little things’, like taking time out to enjoy the sunshine and watch my puppy run around the backyard. 

It’s certainly made me realise that I need to think positively and not get caught up with the daily numbers and negative press.  Staying safe at home and looking after myself and family is the main priority. 

This photo of Bailey was taken one Friday when we had a burst of sunshine. I was able to sit back and think how lucky I am to have such a beautiful and happy dog’.



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‘Behind our house is an amazing creek and a path where we walk daily to break up the day and enjoy nature. Our dog Maggie is always trying to get to the water to investigate the ducks’.

‘The other photo is the Spoonville that my kids created in our front garden – we can see it from our front window.’

‘From a humble population of six, it has now grown to a thriving community, thanks to the local kids and families who walk past.’

‘We have received some lovely notes in our letterbox, a card and even a small gift to say thanks for bringing some joy to the street.’


‘Here I am enjoying a stroll with one of our younger team members. Being a new Dad can tire you out – though I’m not sure I need the seniors discount just yet!’


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‘Some of the team are lucky enough to have their own security while working from home- meet Duke and Mia, the newest members of Neighbourhood Watch

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I took this photo at the Tim Neville Arboretum in Boronia. If you look closely you can see a proud Mama and Papa duck and their brood of ducklings enjoying a swim. Even with the turmoil surrounding us, Nature still meets her deadlines. New life bursts forth as Spring begins. Have to say though, I’m jealous of those ducks- not a care in the world!’

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‘We moved into our house just before the first lockdown began, while we haven’t been able to have a housewarming yet, I’m enjoying the opportunity to explore and getting to know the locals.’


‘I’m thankful for amazing sunrises on my daily morning walk’.

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‘Lockdown for me is about keeping in contact with as many people as I can. We are all going through this together, some cope better than others. My children always ensure they bring a smile to my face every day’.

‘The second photo is of me and my 8-year- old daughter talking on Messenger kids with Grandma. We always have to pull faces!’

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