Luxury apartments - Melbourne’s newest property trends

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Luxury apartments - Melbourne’s newest property trends

The property market is forever changing due to different trends in design, location needs, popularity of the area, population growth and infrastructure requirements.

Seeing new trends emerge is becoming the norm and it’s not surprising that apartment living has grown considerably over the past year.  More specifically, luxurious apartment living has grown significantly. Many investors who are wanting to live in the ideal locations usually find themselves resorting to apartment living and are fed up with sacrificing size and comfort.

Some of the revamped and new design concepts that are trending in Melbourne’s apartment market which cater to investors include:

  • Addition of theatre rooms
  • Multiple living areas rather than the typical one
  • Spacious outdoor cooking area
  • Pool/ rooftop garden on top storey trending to attract buyers
  • Overall size of the apartment considerably larger. You won’t find many apartments being built in small areas.


These design concepts are implemented to appeal to the buyers who like to spend more on their investment property to ensure they experience the luxurious and spacious feel. When designing the apartments, architects strive to move away from the typical ‘uncomfortable apartment living’ vibe to a ‘comfortable, luxurious way of life’. Implementing the upgrades boosts the apartment’s overall value so if the investor wants to sell the property, they also have the perk of receiving profit purely for the demand.

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