New Home Construction Inspections – Get the Facts at Every Stage

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If you are building a new home, you already know how much is at stake.

It’s a huge commitment – financially, emotionally and time-wise.

A small investment in a quality new home inspection at each stage of your build can safeguard your investment and potentially avoid the heartache of future building disputes and legal bills if you discover that your new home has not been built to the agreed standard.

Don’t rely on your builder’s reassurances or your own observations.

New home construction inspections completed at each stage of the build – by a qualified, experienced inspector – are an essential part of the new build process and can buy you peace of mind.

What are the five stages?

New home construction inspections are conducted at the critical junctures of your build:

Base Stage – This stage is inspected before the concrete is poured. This enables the inspector to check that the workmanship is to an acceptable standard and that good quality control measures are in place.

Frame Stage – At this stage, the frame has been completed and approved by the building surveyor.

Lockup/Pre-Plaster Stage– At this stage, the roof coverings are fixed, external doors and windows are fixed, even if temporarily. Wall cladding may be only partly complete and will be inspected at future stages, depending on the build process.

Fixing Stage – At this stage, internal cladding, architraves, skirting, doors, sinks, cabinets and cupboards are now fixed into position.

Final Inspection (PCI) – this inspection occurs before the keys are handed over.

What do our reports check?

Our detailed overview  explains what we check at each stage.

Here is an observation from the fixing stage report of one of our recent clients. Read our inspector’s comments. Only an experienced builder can identify defects and issues that may cause issues down the track.

Here are some observations from the same property at the final inspection stage:

Worried about the extra hassle and paperwork?

Don’t be -it’s hassle-free.

Your inspector will liaise with your site supervisor at each stage of construction and arrange a time to conduct the inspection. Inspections can be timed to coincide with your progress payments.

Your inspector will call you at the conclusion of the inspection to summarise his findings, and follow up this up with an electronic copy of his report, emailed directly to you. Our reports are created on our custom-built app and contain photographs and an easy-to -read format.

New home construction inspections have two benefits – they will confirm with visual evidence that your home is being built to the agreed standard – proof you are getting what you have paid for.

They also identify defects and issues of concern where the build is not meeting the Australian standard.

You can book our new home construction inspections individually or as a package – this is the recommended option to get a full overview of each stage of the build.

We offer a discount if you book a package of four or more inspections.

Ready to book?

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