New Year, New Property in 2019?

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New Year, New Property in 2019?

The start of the New Year has just passed us by and now we can look forward to having time to recuperate, reflect and contemplate the year ahead.  This time of the year can be a great opportunity to think about your options in the housing market and perhaps, consider investing in a new property.

For those attempting to secure a property, the Hub team have put together a list of reasons why buying now can work to your benefit.

  • A fresh start
    The New Year can often prompt a fresh new start for many investors which is why many owners can strategically put their house to market just before the holiday season begins. New year, new property!
  • More time to research 
    You are less likely to rush into an impulse buy if you take your time to research. If you’re working full-time, it can be hard to allocate hours of your time so having many days off reserved for research and inspections will be beneficial for your property hunt!
  • Less competition during the holiday season
    When hunting for a property in peak seasons like spring, there are usually several offers, dozens of enquires and limited inspection timeslots. If you start your property hunt when others are away on holidays, you can avoid all the extra hassle and drama. Vendors may also be more willing to negotiate to ensure their property sells with the low volume of enquiries.

If you’re interested in a buying a property in Melbourne, we recommend that you invest in peace of mind today and obtain a Pre-Purchase Building Inspection. 

At The Hub, we have a team of building Inspectors, accredited Architects and specialist Inspectors who are all highly experienced. Our Inspectors are equipped with an exclusive mobile app, that has been designed to produce a thorough house inspection report, covering the inside and outside of the property.

Whatever your focus in the coming weeks, whether it’s a buying a new investment property or renovating your current home, The Home Inspection Hub will be available to help you with your inspection needs. We  have Inspectors on call throughout this holidays period and we will endeavour to accommodate everyone’s requirements where we can. Call us on 1300 071 283 or complete a quick free online quote by clicking here.  Good luck with your house hunting!!  The Hub team are here to help.

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