North East Link Update December 2019

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North East Link Update December 2019

The North East link is Victoria’s biggest ever road project, a large-scale transport infrastructure project which will connect the north and the south-east.

It forms part of the Victoria’s Big Build, $70b of transport projects being rolled out across the state.

The North East link will connect Melbourne’s freeway network between an upgraded Eastern freeway from Springvale Road to the M80 Ring Road.

A wide range of community consultation measures have informed the planning of the project, and the impact on local communities has been taken into consideration.

Builders are now getting ready to start early works on the North East Link in 2020. Power, water, gas, sewer and telecommunication services will be moved out of the way ready for construction.

These initial works will pave the way for major construction to start from early 2021.

The project has committed to planting more trees than it removes by the end of construction. The tree planting program will focus on providing better canopy cover that can shade open spaces and walking and cycling paths, as well as support wildlife habitat and corridors.

There are also plans for an urban forest that will absorb heat, cool local areas and support cleaner air and water.

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