1. Call or email us for a free quote, then book and pay for your Owner Builder Defects Report.

2.We will liaise with you, your sales agent or other representative to arrange a suitable time for the inspection.

3.Our inspector will carry out the inspection. You are welcome to meet the inspector afterwards to discuss his findings.

4.Our inspector will summarise his findings with you verbally and will also email you a detailed photographic report.


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Frequently Asked questions

An Owner-Builder is defined as someone who “constructs or renovates a domestic building on his or her own land, and who is not in the business of building”.

Under Section 137B of the Building Act 1993, any renovation work that has been completed needs to be inspected by a suitably qualified person. 

The Owner Builder Defects Report forms part of your Section 32 documents when you sell your property.

The purpose of the report is to protect both the purchaser and the owner so they know the condition of the renovated property before a transaction takes place.

Yes, these terms refer to the same report.

If the value of the domestic work is over $16,000 and the property is being sold within six years of completion, then you must obtain Domestic Building Insurance. If the value of the works is below $16,000, you only need to obtain an Owner Builder Defects Report.

Yes. Under the Building Act 1993, you are required to report on any works completed in the last 6.5 years, regardless of value.

It is useful for the Inspector to review any documentation relating to the renovation work. This may include house plans, soil reports, structural engineering reports, occupancy permit, electrical or plumbing certificates. If available, this documentation can be reviewed as part of the inspection.

No, these items do not fall into the Owner Builder category.

Yes, a full new report is required, but we offer a 20% discount for a re-inspection.

In most cases, within 24 hours of the inspection taking place.

Your report is valid for 6 months from the report date.

The team at The Hub are here to help with your queries. For additional references and resources, you can check out these sites:
Victoria Building Authority (VBA): http://www.vba.vic.gov.au/consumers/owner-builders
Consumer Affairs Victoria: https://www.consumer.vic.gov.au/housing/building-and-renovating/owner-builder

domestic building insurance

Domestic building insurance, previously called ‘builder’s warranty insurance’ is the insurance provided by your builder for works that exceed $16,000 (for both labour and materials) in value.It’s compulsory under relevant building legislation in most states for builders carrying out residential building work.

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