Is an Owner Builder Report crucial

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Is an Owner Builder Report crucial

You have just completed your dream entertainment deck out the back or perhaps you have finally gotten around to that long-awaited kitchen upgrade. No matter the project size, you will need to obtain an Owner Builder Defects Report before you are able to sell your home if the renovation was completed within the last 6.5 years.  This report is also often referred to as a Building Defects Report or 137B Report.


Why is an Owner Builder Defects Report so important?

  • The 137B Report enables the owner of the property to obtain Builders Warranty Insurance which is required for any domestic work with trade value over $16,000.00. This not only is essential, but also great for your peace of mind.
  • Under the Building Act, it is an offence to sell your property within the 6.5 year timeframe without a Defects Report and Builders Warranty Insurance (if the value is greater than $16,000). It’s important to note that heavy penalties apply for non-compliance.
  • If you fail to provide an Owner Builder Defects Report, the purchaser has the right to pull out of the sale agreement without incurring penalties.

 Why you should engage The Hub:

  • We have qualified Inspectors who can inspect your renovation work and prepare the 137B Report for you.
  • We can prepare the report on our custom-built iPad inspection app and then send the report straight to your conveyancer if need be.

Some of the types of renovation work we check include:


Common questions we receive:

  1. Who is an Owner-Builder?
  2. When do I need to get Owner-Builder Insurance?
  3. Do you need to see any documentation when the inspector is conducting the inspection?

Check out the answers to the above FAQ’s here.

 Further info

The team at The Hub are here to help with your queries. For additional references and resources, you can check out these sites:
Victoria Building Authority (VBA):

Consumer Affairs Victoria:

Give us a call on 1300 071 283 or submit a free online quote so we can help you finalise your sale. We will try to make the process as easy as possible for you.