Pre-Purchase House Inspections – Get The True Picture

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A pre-purchase house inspection carried out by an experienced professional is the only way to get the true picture of a house you may be thinking of buying.

Serious defects and potentially expensive repair issues are not always obvious at first glance or in the course of a real estate inspection.

Keep reading to see examples of the kind of problems our inspectors regularly identify in the course of a pre-purchase house inspection.

Area: Shower Enclosure – Floor

Our Inspector’s Comments: ‘This shower hadn’t been used for a couple of days. My moisture meter detected high levels of moisture. The wall of the adjoining room behind was also checked but returned no alarming readings.’

‘My conclusion is that the grout in the base area had cracking and deterioration, allowing excessive moisture to build up. This moisture, trapped below the surface, was unable to dry out readily and will lead to further damage if not rectified.’

Area: Shower Enclosure – Wall

Our Inspector’s Comments: ‘This is where the moisture level readings were highest. They were concentrated mainly around the tap bases and fittings, indicating a common potential problem.  These areas are often not sealed correctly (silicone sealant should be used under the cover plates).

This is important to spot, as it can lead to moisture penetration damage and swelling of the tile backing wall board and the adjoining walls of other rooms.’

Location: These images shows the stumps/brick piers. An inspection of the sub-floor framing revealed signs of movement and settlment.

Our Inspector’s Comments: ‘The  first image shows that the stumps have been excessively packed (see arrow) and the floor throughout is out of level and undulating. The internal walls and external brickwork have excessive cracking. I would recommend engaging a structual engineer to investigate the cause of these major structural defects’.

‘The second image shows that this stump is clearly not supporting the floor in any way. Further investigation found that this site was once marsh/swamp land and that other properties in the area have similar issues’.

Outcome: This contract of sale had already been signed, subject to the results of a pre-purchase building inspection. The prospective new owner opted not to proceed with the purchase after viewing the report findings.

Location: This image shows the concrete pathway, view to the east, southern elevation.

Our Inspector’s Comments: ‘Here is an example of defective surface drainage and the damage caused to the adjoining brickwork. An over-concentration of surface drainage can cause reactive slab heave resulting in abnormal movement and cracking’.

Location: This image shows external brickwork.

Our Inspector’s Comments: ‘The southern elevation wall is out of plumb – see arrow and spirit level. This can be a result of slab heave.’

Location: This image shows the the lower edge of the front entrance door.

Our Inspector’s Comments: ‘The lower edge of the door is weathered and swollen – refer to arrow and mirror. Unsealed door edges or exposed end grain can absorb moisture through capillaration leading to premature weathering and damage.’

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