Property Styling Can Help You Sell Your Home

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Property Styling Can Help You Sell Your Home

Once upon a time, getting your property ready for a marketing campaign was a fairly simple affair – you mowed the lawn, tidied away the kids’ toys and made sure the beds were made before the photographer showed up.

A highly competitive real estate market where potential buyers usually view a property for the first time online means that these days, properties given the professional touch by a property stylist can have the advantage when it comes to attracting interested buyers.

What is property styling?

Property styling is the process of showing a property to its best advantage for a marketing and photography campaign and for inspections.

Property stylists use furniture, lighting, accessories, plants and finishing touches to highlight a property’s features, create a mood or capitalise on design and décor trends to appeal to a target market.

Typically, a property that has been professionally styled for an advertising campaign is vacant, allowing for photography to be taken while the property is looking its best. The styling campaign is in place for 4 to 6 weeks or for the duration of the advertising period. 

Why use a property stylist?

Property stylists are usually knowledgeable about the real estate market and know what kind of styling will attract buyers for a certain kind of property in different seasons, geographical locations and for individual property types.

A property stylist has the advantage of not having an emotional attachment to your home, and can see its best qualities – and drawbacks – from an objective angle. An experienced stylist can cast a professional eye over your property and identify things – both good and bad – that you may miss as the property owner.

The styling company will have access to a wide range of furniture, accessories and décor items to make your home look beautiful and inviting. You are essentially paying for the hire of these items as part of your contract – this can be a more cost-effective and convenient option that buying everything yourself.

Can I style my property myself?

Hiring a property stylist can stretch an already-tight budget for some vendors.

There are still many things you can do to maximise the appeal of your home before you put it on the market.

First, make sure your home is sparkling clean – as clean as you would want a home to be if you were viewing it for the first time.

Get rid of clutter and store personal items to make your home as spacious and as neutral as possible. Potential buyers will be opening cupboards and closets, so have them empty if possible or neatly arranged.

Do any small repairs and patch jobs you can to make sure your home is in good nick. This includes fresh paint, fixing dents and scratches and sprucing up decks and wooden furniture  with a coat of stain or polish.

The more neutral your home colour scheme, the wider the appeal. Tone down any bright colour schemes or soft furnishings, and replace with neutrals such as grey, white and beige.

Are you selling your home? The Home Inspection Hub can help with a Vendor Report or Owner Builder Defects (137b) Report.

As a seller, a pre-sale vendor inspection can be a valuable tool in making your property more attractive and attracting the best possible price, while preventing any obstacles which may hold up a sale.

Advantages for the Vendor (Seller)

  • Potential buyers can act quickly if they are genuinely interested
  • No hold-ups in the sale process while the buyer arranges a pre-purchase inspection
  • A report may highlight an issue you as the vendor can rectify, making your home more attractive to potential buyers and possibly resulting in a better offer

Are you an owner builder? You may need an Owner Builder Defects (137b) report as part of your Section 32 documents.

As an owner builder, if you sell your property within 6.5 years after the date of the occupancy permit or the certificate of final inspection then you need to obtain and Owner Builder Defects Report. In addition, you as the owner builder need to provide the purchaser with the requisite statutory warranty insurance if you sell the home within 6.5 years. It is an offence to sell a building without the required report and insurance.

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