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The Home Inspection Hub is excited to welcome Rodney Taylor as a new inspector to the team.

Rodney began his career as a mechanical engineer, then discovered a love for carpentry and construction when he built his first home.

This led him to pursue a training path to become a qualified builder, and he has successfully run his own construction company since 2002, alongside his career in airport terminal and facilities maintenance.

Rodney is based in Gisborne and will be looking after our clients throughout the Central Victorian region.

We had a chat with Rodney to welcome him to the team.

What made you decide to join The Hub as a building inspector?

As a registered builder I’m always on the lookout for an opportunity. Joining the Hub and being a part of a trusted brand has allowed me to broaden my knowledge and tap into my inspection experience.

What advice would you give people thinking about building their own home. Pros? Cons?

Whether you’re an owner builder or have chosen to use a private contract or volume builder, my advice would be – do your homework first. Owner building is not for everyone.

Pros -at the end of the project (if you get there mentally and financially) there is a sense of achievement, and if you’re suitably skilled in certain trades, you can save money and be a bit choosy with the quality of fixtures and fittings.

Cons – getting finance and permits as an owner builder can be difficult unless you are suitably qualified, and have a level of documented experience. Sometimes engaging a building professional as a mentor and consultant / supervisor can help you through.

Choosing a private contract builder is another option. Some are more well-known for their quality and workmanship than others. Again, engaging an independent building professional to carry out inspections and to report on each progress stage is advised to ensure all work is to standard and to keep on top of shortcuts and potential defects.

Pros for this option? The work is carried out by a building professional of your choice and you can be in your dream home in a reasonably stress-free and timely manner.

Cons? If you choose a builder based on price you could be faced with some unpleasant surprises and cost blowouts along the way.

This applies for volume builders as well. Meeting cost and time restraints can result in reverse building practices that lead to shortcuts and important details being overlooked. The same benefits and drawbacks apply as with a private contractor, so again, independent building progress inspections and reporting can be beneficial along the way.

What’s it like living in regional Victoria? What do regional areas have to offer home builders and buyers?

Regional Victoria offers a sense of space and less hustle and bustle. The Macedon ranges and surrounding towns have a village community vibe that is inviting. Home builders and buyers can secure that Aussie dream and live a little larger with a more affordable price tag.

What changes have you seen in the building industry over the past two decades?

The building industry has evolved and technology has gained momentum, giving the consumer more choice and a wider selection of building products and options.

Homes have become smarter and more sustainable in design, offering extra levels of comfort.

In addition, occupational health and safety now plays a bigger part in how the industry operates.

What’s your idea of the perfect weekend?

For me, the perfect weekend involves hooking up the caravan and getting away to a river or coastal location, enjoying life with family and friends.

The Home Inspection Hub can conduct a range of building inspections, servicing all areas of Melbourne and surrounds, and Central Victoria including Ballarat and Bendigo. Call us today on 1300 071 283 or send us an online quote and see how we can assist you .