Sell Your Home in Summer

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Sell Your Home in Summer

While lockdown and restrictions in Melbourne delayed our spring property selling season, it’s certainly now back in full swing and will extend into summer, as demand among buyers and sellers stays strong.

Summers in Victoria can be notoriously dry, hot and exhausting.  If you plan to sell your home throughout the warmer months, you may be concerned that the warmer days may be off-putting for prospective buyers.

We have put together some ideas to help make your home inviting and appealing in the summer selling season.

Do Your Research

Take a look at other homes in your area who are selling during summer, and attend some inspections. Pay attention to what makes them inviting or off-putting. Are they appealing as a home in summer? Ask someone you trust to do a curb-check of your property or to attend an inspection and get them to give you honest feedback on their first impressions – these are vital.

Pick Your Inspection Times Carefully

The lead-up to Christmas is always hectic, so think about holding inspections at a range of times. Mornings and evenings will give you a wider range of people, particularly when the days are warm and daylight hours are longer. January is typically quiet, so use this time to maintain your home and garden ready for when things pick up again.

Press Your Advantages

The long warm days can be a great advantage in showing off outdoor entertaining areas and other features which may attract buyers who are looking in summer.

Considering investing in some attractive outdoor furniture to show your outdoor space to its best advantage. Patios, pergolas, decks, verandahs and other outdoor spaces should be spruced up and made inviting.

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Your pool can be a great selling point (especially if prospective buyers have kids in tow)– show it to its best advantage by keeping it clean. New pool safety barrier regulations came into effect on November 1 this year.

Keep It Green

A green lawn and inviting garden makes for buckets of curb appeal, especially when everything is dry and hot. Give your lawn plenty of water, plant some summer-hardy plants and keep your garden well-maintained.

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Open Up But Stay Cool

On warm inspection days, open blinds, curtains and windows and let the fresh air and the smell of summer in. If it’s going to be a scorcher however, you should minimise the heat by keeping blinds and curtains closed. Have your air-conditioning running beforehand to cool your home before inspections. Having cold water on hand for prospective buyers is also a good idea.

Local Attractions

Do you live near the beach, a lake or river, or near to recreational and entertainment facilities which come into their own in the summer months? Make these advantages part of your selling pitch – a good real estate agent will already do this as part of the advertising campaign for your property, but make sure your kayaks, fishing equipment, beachballs, umbrellas and sand-buckets are visible to let prospective buyers know they are investing in a lifestyle if they buy your home!

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