Building Dispute Reports

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Building Dispute Reports

A dispute with your builder can be an expensive, drawn-out and exhausting process, particularly if the dispute has halted the construction of your new home.

While there are dispute resolution channels available to parties who find themselves unable to agree, such as Building Dispute Resolution Victoria and VCAT, going down this path can be a lengthy process.

If you are already engaged in the dispute resolution system, or are hoping to avoid this by reaching a mutually agreeable outcome with your builder, The Home Inspection Hub can help.

One of our independent, qualified inspectors will conduct a thorough inspection of the property or area that is the subject of the dispute.

He will then prepare a thorough building dispute report, detailing any defects or issues found and offering impartial recommendations for rectification.

This report may assist you in avoiding legal proceedings or support your claim should you need to go to court.

Pricing for this service is by quote – an estimate will be prepared after we review the details and all associated documentation.

To find out how we can assist you with this service, call us on 1300 071 283 or email