Defect Examples

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Our inspectors look for a wide range of defects. View our gallery to see examples of the kind of issues our inspectors highlight in their pre-purchase inspection reports.


Our inspections include driveways and paths, fencing, surface drainage, and structural elements on outdoor dwellings such as garages, verandahs, patios, decks and carports. We check the condition of rooves, fascia and gables, and look for issues such as dampness and cracking in masonry. Our inspectors check for the existence of asbestos, the condition of window frames and sills, rusting on handrails and balustrades, and the condition of guttering.


Wet areas such as kitchens, toilets and bathrooms are checked for evidence of poor or absent water-proofing, inadequate ventilation, poor water pressure, cracking to tiles and shower bases, and water pressure issues.


Inspection of the interior of a property can show up cracking in walls and ceilings, creaky floors, dampness and moisure retention in walls, gaps between doors, windows and frames, peeling paint,  safety issues with wiring and smoke alarms, and problems with the underfloor space such as signs of water damage and (if a pest inspection is also being carried out) evidence of pests such as termites and wood borers.