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Your home is likely to be your biggest investment. When issues arise, that you’re not quite sure about, alarm bells can go off.

The team at The Home Inspection Hub is here to assess the situation and provide some professional advice.

A Special Purpose inspection can be really helpful in identifying a specific defect or the extent of an issue within your property. Our contract Inspectors at The Hub have both the experience and skill to offer advice and give you recommendations for moving forward.

Some common areas of concern that we typically come across include:


Structural problems

Non-compliance with building standards


Water leaks

Poor workmanship

Insulation issues

Dampness issues

Roof problems

Gaps in cornices, skirting boards around windows

Mould and moisture damage


Why is a Special Purpose Building Inspection with The Home Inspection Hub so important?

If you’re unsure about a specific issue in your home, give us a call and we can advise you on the next steps to take. Contact us today for a free online quote or call us on 1300 071 283.

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Prices for Special Purpose Building inspections are provided on request.

Popular Questions

All of our Inspectors have the experience and knowledge to carry out your inspection. They have each been involved with the building industry for over 20 years. Your Inspector will be happy to explain his findings and answer any questions you may have regarding your Special Purpose inspection.

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