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Sometimes building disputes are very difficult to resolve and you need to seek the assistance of an independent third party.

You may need to present your case through legal means such as the VCAT Tribunal. In these situations, an expert opinion is required to support your application to VCAT. We have Inspectors available who can present expert evidence to VCAT in the following two ways:


An Inspector can prepare a comprehensive VCAT compliant legal document, outlining the defect/s in dispute, stating the facts and including an expert opinion about the issue.


We have Inspectors who can attend your VCAT hearing as an expert witness, by providing fair and unbiased evidence.

The team at The Hub are here to help but before you consider the VCAT option, here are a few steps you may wish to try first:

Steps to resolve your dispute:

Try to resolve the dispute yourself – keep
Keep communication open between both parties.
If you need an independent third party, engage The Hub for a Special Purpose inspection. We can then upgrade the report if the situation escalates to VCAT.
If you cannot settle the situation, apply for DBDRV’s free resolution service.
If the dispute cannot be resolved at conciliation, contact The Hub for assistance with expert evidence at VCAT.

Why engage The Home Inspection Hub to provide expert evidence for VCAT?

If you’re looking for some support and reassurance during a difficult building dispute, phone us directly on 1300 071 283 or click here for a free online quote.

Download Our VCAT Report/Expert Witness Brochure


The costs to engage our services will be discussed with you upon application and will be dependent on the amount of time required to prepare the expert evidence and/or act as an expert witness in a court hearing.

Popular Questions

Domestic Building Dispute Resolution Victoria (DBDRV) is an independent government agency that offers free services to assist those experiencing residential building disputes. For general enquiries, call the Building Information Line on 1300 557 559, Monday to Friday between 9:00am and 5:00pm.

When you contact The Home Inspection Hub, we will ask you the following questions:

  • What is the dispute about?
  • Who is involved in the dispute?
  • Do you have a date for a VCAT hearing? If so, what is the date?
  • What is the deadline for submitting expert evidence for your VCAT hearing?
  • Who will provide access to the property for an inspection?
  • Do you have any documentation that we can look at before the inspection takes place?