Six Questions to Ask Before You Book an Inspection With Us

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Need a residential building inspection?

Finding a reputable inspection company can be tricky in a sea of professional websites, where all companies seem to be providing the same service and making the same claims.

Doing some research and knowing the questions to ask can help you make the right choice when it comes to investing your time and money.

1.Have you been around long?

A company that has been around for a while has built up credibility and a solid market reputation.  An established provider will be able to provide evidence of their success with testimonials and online reviews. Look for recent reviews and evidence that a company’s website and social media is updated regularly and provides any important information that potential customers may need (such as the vaccination status of their inspectors).

2. How well-qualified are your inspectors?

Did you know? Victorian legislation does not require any specific qualification for pre-purchase house inspections. Don’t be afraid to ask for confirmation of your inspector’s qualifications before paying any money.

Owner Builder Defects (137b) Reports can only be carried out by a registered building practitioner – these are surveyors, architects, registered building inspectors and engineers. A reputable company will not hesitate to provide external proof of an inspector’s qualifications.

3. What do your clients say about you?

Website testimonials can be helpful, but a good ‘source of truth’ are feedback platforms such as Google reviews, Product Review and Amazon – any site that does not have a connection with the business.

Look for reviews that have the ‘ring of truth’. This can be created by giving detail about the inspection, mentioning the inspector’s name, or providing a level of detail that indicates the review is genuine.

Negative reviews also have a role to play. They show prospective customers how the company deals with an unhappy customer and what steps they take to rectify a situation if they are genuinely at fault.

A string of negative reviews or a hostile and abusive response from the company are probably red flags, and indicate that you would be better off spending your money elsewhere.

4. What guarantees or promises do you make?

Many companies guarantee same-day reports. This is a great selling point and can be an attractive proposition if you need the inspection and report quickly, to make an offer or bid at auction.

However, the speed of the report delivery should never compromise its quality or thoroughness. A professional company will never sacrifice these things to book more inspections.

Also, beware of companies whose rates sound unfeasibly cheap – the adage of ‘you get what you pay or’ is very true. The best-case scenario is having to engage a second company to do the job again, making it a very expensive exercise. Worst-case scenario? You buy a lemon and spend the next few decades regretting it!

5. Can I see a sample report?

A professional company will be able to provide sample reports for all the inspections they carry out.

This is a good way to find out what your report would include and the level of detail you can expect in the finished report.

6. Are you Covid safe?

It should be a given that anyone attending a property is fully-vaccinated and can prove their status. A reputable company should have a Covid-safe plan which they can make available to anyone who asks.

So – does your inspection company ‘pass the test’?

The Home Inspection Hub will happily answer all these questions and more, to make sure our customers are happy before we proceed.

Found the perfect property?

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We also conduct new home construction inspections, owner builder defect reports, special purpose inspections and specialised services such as contract review, tax depreciation schedules and VCAT expert witness across Melbourne, Geelong and Central Victoria.

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