The Special Purpose Inspection Case Files

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case 1: defective shower bases

Overview: Our client had concerns about the condition of the shower bases throughout the bathroom and ensuite of her property.

Our Inspector’s Findings: The shower bases have not been installed correctly and have insufficient support underneath – manufacturer’s instructions call for acrylic / fibreglass shower bases to beinstalled / supported on a mortar bed to eliminate any flex which leads to fatigue and product failure.

Our Recommendation: Defective shower bases should be replaced under the builder’s warranty, sooner rather than later, to eliminate the risk of further damage and possible costly repairs throughout the ground floor arising from water damage

case 2: Damage from Tree Roots

Tree root image 1
Tree root image 2
Tree root image 3

Overview: Our client had concerns about cracking gaps and moisture from recent sewer/stormwater leakages.

Our Inspector’s Findings:

The roots of huge trees in close proximity to the property have caused significant damage to the foundations of the building, resulting in excessive cracking and movement. Tree root infestation to the sewerage system has resulted in flooding to the dwelling causing damage to the ground floor.

Our Recommendations:

  1. Investigation of the building’s structural integrity prior to any external or internal renovation works
  2. Inspection via camera footage of the sewerage and stormwater systems in the affected areas, to confirm that tree root infestation is causing blockages in the pipework.
  3. Installation of a root barrier throughout the affected area along with all necessary plumbing repairs

case 3: Faulty Benchtop Installation

Overview: Our client was not happy with the installation of their new stone benchtops.

Our Inspector’s Findings: The benchtops have been installed on top of the carcasses of the cabinets, without any backing material or sufficient support. This has caused gaps under the benchtops between cabinets. The benchtops are not fully supported along the edge of the carcasses, in particular the overhang to the front of the main benchtop facing the living area.

Our Recommendations:

Remove the benchtops. Remove the current benchtop supports and replace with a full substrate or a vertical rail on all four sides in line with the Caesarstone installation guide.

These cases represent a good cross-section of the kinds of issues our clients bring to us when they request a special purpose inspection.

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