Supercharge Your Spring Cleaning!

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Supercharge Your Spring Cleaning!

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Do the words ‘spring-cleaning’ fill you with dread or do you look forward to what is an annual ritual for many.
Whether you’re getting your home ready to sell, or just making the most of warmer weather, spring cleaning can boost market appeal or simply renew the appreciation and enjoyment and appreciation of your home.
Keep reading for advice on how to supercharge your spring-clean.
Firstly, make a plan. What you want to achieve with your spring cleaning schedule? How much time will you have to devote to the task? These answers will help you determine  any supplies and equipment needed.
Treat your spring cleaning like a project and break it down into manageable stages.
1,Make a plan. How much time will you devote to the clean and which parts of your home and outdoor areas will be assigned to each person?
2.Tidy, de-clutter and discard. Try channelling Marie Kondo when it comes to de-cluttering. Get brutal. If you haven’t used, needed or thought about the item in question in the last twelve months, it’s probably time to say ‘sayonara’.
Inexpensive storage bins or shelving will help keep your belongings tidy and easy to access. Contact your local council to organise a hard rubbish collection or consider sharing the cost of skip or bin hire with neighbours.
3.Clean room by room. Consider using gentler, eco-friendly cleaners rather than harsh chemicals and invest in microfiber cloths rather than using paper towel.
4. Freshen-up and update. Move all furniture out of the room, then take the opportunity to clean carpets and drapes, patch or paint walls and update wallpaper and other fixtures and fittings.
Supercharge It!  Taking before-and-after photos is a great way to track your progress and maintain momentum when enthusiasm and energy levels start to flag.
Care to Take This Outside?
Don’t forget the outdoor areas of your home when spring cleaning. It’s time to  wash windows, doors and fascia areas. Clean mould from footpaths and fences. Clean and repair guttering.  Buy or hire a pressure cleaner to clean concrete footpaths, driveways, fences and any exterior surface with a buildup of mould, moss or dirt.
Supercharge It! Hold a garage sale to give your unwanted belongings a new home with the bonus of making some extra cash. This has the added benefit of introducing potential buyers to the neighbourhood and showing your home to its best advantage (once your spring clean has been completed, of course!)
Happy Spring Cleaning!
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