Tim Joins the Team!

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Tim Joins the Team!
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It has been a busy six months for one of The Home Inspection Hubs’ newest inspectors, Tim Lau. A qualified architect, builder and business owner, Tim’s wealth of experience makes him a valuable and sought-after addition to the team.

Tim came on board to help the Hub meet its growing demand for quality, reliable residential building inspections, with a particular emphasis on owner builder defect reports. The Hub is a market leader in this type of inspection.

Tim took a breather from his busy schedule to have a chat with us about his first few months with the Hub.

Tell us a bit about your background and what you did professionally before joining the Hub team?

After qualifying as an architect, I worked for a number of different firms. Eventually I started my own architectural business. I wanted to do my own developments, and to be able to provide a complete design and build service to clients and so I also obtained my builder’s license.

What made you decide to take on a new role as a building inspector?

‘Conducting inspections has always been a part of my work. Over the past 15 years I have conducted almost 1500 inspections for different clients – pre-purchase, home safety, owner builder warranty insurance and for architectural advice. Working for The Hub is not completely new, more a shift in focus’.

What make you good at your job?

‘Being both an architect and builder means I can look at a problem from “both side of the fence”. Building solutions needs to be aesthetically pleasing, but for most owners, cost is also an important factor when making decisions. Having both disciplines allows me to offer a balanced solution to my clients.’

What advice would you give someone who is thinking of carrying out owner builder work on their property?

‘There is a lot of information available online and in mainstream media. Some advice is great, but a lot of ideas are presented ‘for show’.  I encourage property owners to educate themselves and to always work with a professional on a project, to ensure work is done properly’.

Tim is among a number of inspectors on the team who have used their experience in other industries to transition to an inspector role. We asked Tim:

What have you enjoyed about the move to an inspector role? Any challenges you weren’t expecting?

‘Stepping back from running my own business and moving to an inspector role means I have more time to do the things I enjoy and to spend time with friends and family. Running a business is certainly satisfying but also means a lot of after-hours meetings and paperwork!

‘On the technical side, the transition has been quite smooth owing to my previous experience with inspections. There are certainly things on the administration side to get used to, but in that regard, the team in the office has been very helpful and supportive.’


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This year has certainly been a year like no other. What did you find difficult about the lockdown and restrictions, and did you discover anything about yourself during this time?

‘This year has definitely been an interesting year.  I think it gave many people a break from their busy lives, in order to “reset”.  Work interruptions can certainly put financial stress on a family budget but you just find ways to compensate.’

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