To DIY or not to DIY

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To DIY or not to DIY

Will it cost you more in the long run?


Diving into a DIY job is very tempting when you can easily buy parts from the local hardware store and watch a quick tutorial on YouTube.

Saving a few hundred dollars along with getting the job done instantly sounds like a good idea, right? Though this may be a good option for small jobs, when it comes to bigger and more technical jobs, it may not be so straightforward. Yes, you may be saving a couple hundred in the short term, but most DIY projects can result in thousands of dollars to rectify the issue when the works haven’t been carried out correctly.     

Other reasons why you shouldn’t attempt that DIY job:

  • It’s not as easy as it looks. To the untrained eye, you may miss crucial steps and cause further damage making it a very difficult and unnecessary long task.
  • Safety concerns. If you aren’t trained in the field, you may not realise all the safety concerns associated with the task. You could be either putting yourself in immediate danger or causing a long-term issue to build up with serious damages.
  • YouTube tutorials aren’t always right. Tutorials can be a guide, but they may exclude essential steps or may not foresee detrimental accidents.
  • You might not have the correct equipment. Having the correct equipment is essential to ensure the task is completed correctly. The usual Australian way of just ‘winging it’ isn’t a wise moto to apply when completing a DIY job.

Most home improvements are best left to the professionals. The last thing you want is to have issues with the project you have invested so much money into!

Whether you have attempted the DIY project yourself or have hired a qualified professional, The Home Inspection Hub can assist you with the renovation process. Whether it is a large-scale extension or a smaller alteration project to your home, we can provide you with peace-of-mind and help answer all questions along the way. At the commencement of works, we will carry out a house inspection, so we can assess the existing conditions of your property. Our Inspectors can then tailor the building inspections to suit your project.

For home renovation and extensions contact us today for a free online quote or phone us directly on 1300 071 283.