We Complete a Final (PCI) Inspection for a New Home Client

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As your new build nears completion, it’s essential to have an independent new home construction inspection at final (PCI) stage carried out by an industry professional.

Your new home may look fine – but only an experienced inspector can pick up defects and issues that are required to be rectified by your builder.

Hub inspectors Rodney and George recently conducted a final inspection for a client and were able to identify a number of issues in the exterior and interior of the property:

Property Exterior:

  • Downpipe fixings not embedded into the brickwork
  • Discharge pipe from a water tank is emptying onto the ground
  • Sliding door track damaged and scratched
  • External doors need to be paint-sealed
  • Weepholes need to be cleared and cleaned
  • Missing mortar to be refilled for draft prevention
  • Damaged bricks need to be replaced
  • Downpipes need to be paint-sealed for UV protection
  • Front step height is excessive and not to code
  • Front of property needs to be rendered
  • Water damage to the eaves


  • Water stop not installed correctly
  • Door jambs embedded into tiles
  • Border tile needs a raised edge to stop water runoff

Master Bedroom:

  • Holes along the top window architrave – the draft coming through will compromise the energy rating
  • Excessive bowing in one of the walls


  • Gaps around the plumbing
  • Internal bathroom door has not been painted top or bottom
  • Exhaust fall grill still to be installed
  • Robe doorway – bulkhead has a winding appearance, is twisted and not level


  • The gap between the bottom of the door and the floor is excessive
  • Towel rail is out of level  and needs adjustment

Additional Bedrooms:

  • Doors are not painted on all edges
  • There is overspray damage to the window alcove

Watch the video taken of this inspection.

The Home Inspection Hub carries out ALL essential stage inspections for new home construction:

  • Base
  • Frame
  • Lock-up/Pre-Plaster
  • Fixing
  • Final (PCI)

Book a four or five stage new home inspection package with us and your final inspection is half price.

We also conduct specialised services:

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