What is a Special Purpose Inspection?

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What is a Special Purpose Inspection?

Have you discovered a problem with your property and are not sure what to do next?

You may have just noticed the issue  – or it may have been developing over time and you are unsure of the source or extent of the issue.

Building inspections are not just for those buying or selling a property.

A special purpose inspection is for home owners who have identified particular issues that require inspection.

Examples include cracking or movement in walls, structural issues,  rising damp and signs of leaking issues in rooves, gutters, balconies and bathrooms, insulation issues, sub-standard or poor application of building materials, subsidence of external ground level and site drainage.

A special purpose inspection can be helpful in identifying a specific defect or the extent of an issue with your property.

Our thorough and detailed reports will contain photographs of the areas where there is an issue. We reference the Guide to Standards and Tolerances and all relevant Australian Standards.

Our reports make recommendations for rectification of all the issues discovered throughout the inspection:

  • the nature of the defect
  • where the defect is located
  • The likely consequence of the defect not being repaired
  • recommendations for repair and what tradespeople need to be engaged

Here are some of the issues our inspectors have identified throughout the many hundreds of reports we have completed for our clients:

Issue: Cracking and movement to the interior and exterior of the home:

Issue: Slab stage and frame stage of house construction incomplete:

If our inspection identifies a more serious issue which requires going to VCAT, we can provide a VCAT report and expert witness testimony at your hearing.

Don’t leave things until it’s too late – book a special purpose inspection today with The Home Inspection Hub and put your mind at ease.

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