What Kind of Building Inspection do I Need?

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Heard about  building inspections but not sure which one suits your needs?

Depending on what kind of property project you are involved in, the type of building inspection you need will differ.

We will look at the different types of residential building inspections available and when each one should be selected as the best option.

Pre-Purchase House Inspections/Building and Pest Inspections

Why do I need one?

If you are looking for a property, a pre-purchase house inspection is a must before you sign a contract or bid at auction. Why? To make sure the property is structurally sound and does not have defects or issue that will eat up huge amounts of time and money down the track once you are the new owner.

Arranging a pest inspection at the same time will alert you to any pest infestations or pest-related damage that need to be dealt with

You can use the results of a pre-purchase house inspection to negotiate with the vendor.

When do I need one?

In short – as soon as you have decided that you are interested in the property and want to make an offer. For auctioned properties, this needs to be before the auction date. For sales by private treaty, it’s best to get the inspection done before you make an offer to give you a true picture of the property’s condition.

Alternatively, you can sign a contract of sale stating that your offer is conditional on the satisfactory outcome of a building and pest inspection.

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Owner Builder Defects (137b) Reports

Why do I need one?

Are you selling your home? Under Section 137b of the Building Act 1993, any renovation work that has been completed within the previous 6.5 years (if the property is being listed for sale) needs to be inspected in the form of an Owner Builder Defects Report. It is a legal requirement that this report be included in the Section 32 documentation of the contract of sale, and not providing this report can jeopardise the sale of your home and create legal issues down the track.

When do I need one?

As part of the preparation of getting your home for sale,  you should organise a fully-qualified inspector to conduct an owner builder defects report. Only registered building practitioners can conduct these kinds of inspections in Victoria. A registered building practitioner is a building surveyor, building inspector or endorsed building engineer.

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Renovation Inspections and Special Purpose Inspections

Why do I need one?

If you are planning to carry out renovations on your home, it’s a good idea to get some professional advice on the project. An inspection can identify any structural issues, plumbing or electrical issues, pest infestations or cracking that may cause issues down the track.

If your renovation is substantial,  then an inspection at each stage will serve the same purpose as that of new home construction inspections.

If you have completed a renovation project or are living in a renovated home, and have some concerns about a particular issue, a renovation inspection can identify the issue and make recommendations for repairs and rectification.

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New Home Construction Inspections

Why do I need one?

Signing a contract with a builder means you are committing to your new home being built to a certain quality – a reputable builder should adhere to all Australian codes. To ensure that your new home is meeting these standards, an inspection at each stage by an independent inspector is a must.

When do I need one?

New home construction inspections are conducted at crucial points throughout the build process –  Base. Frame, Lock-up/Pre-Plaster, Fixing and Final (PCI). Your contract with a builder should also stipulate that they must rectify issues and defects within an agreed timeframe – usually three to six month after the conclusion of the build. Within this timeframe, a maintenance inspection with an independent inspector is also recommended.

Contract Review

If you are building a new home, the contract with your builder can be a lengthy and confusing document, full of industry terminology that is unfamiliar to the average person.

What exactly are you agreeing to and how much will it cost? Before you sign anything, getting an independent expert to review the document before you sign.

A contract review appointment can also provide advice on your responsibilities as an owner, your builder’s obligations, an explanation of costs, progress payment schedules, prime and provisional sum costs, the length of time for the build, finished floor levels on contract drawings, and finishes on paint, benchtops, floors and appliances.

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These cover the main types of residential building inspections that you may need in the course of buying, selling, building or renovating your home.

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In dispute with your builder? We can arrange a building dispute report to provide specialist support and advice.

If your dispute escalates to VCAT and you need help with documentation, call us to arrange a VCAT report. We can also provide expert witness and testimony with one of our highly experienced and qualified inspectors.

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