What should I expect in an Inspection Report?

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What should I expect in an Inspection Report?

After many hours searching on Google, you discover investing in a building inspection is a smart move. But now you’re wondering what exactly is included in a report and how useful it really is. In this blog, we take you through a standard sample of what you would find in The Hub’s report and what to expect when engaging a property inspection service.

What’s included with our New Home Construction inspection service?

  • A photographic record on every element on site, highlighting the workmanship of the construction throughout the build.
  • A detailed summary at the end of the report
  • A report after each inspection and the capability to ask questions as you go.
  • A breakdown of building terminology is also included for your reference

We believe having a thorough reference tool can provide many benefits. This includes:

  1. Acting as a prompt for builders to follow so any issues detected can be attended to and checked in the following stage.
  2. Being a great ‘safety net’ in case you start to have disputes with your builder.
  3. Knowing the status of the build during the construction.

For a New Home Inspection, The Hub offers a comprehensive and professional package that includes separate inspections conducted at the end of each critical construction stage. In addition, we can also offer a Contract Review and Maintenance Inspection to complement the package.

If you would like to receive a sample report, feel free to contact us.   

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