What Tools Do Our Inspectors Use?

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What Tools Do Our Inspectors Use?

When completing inspections, our Inspectors use different types of equipment to help identify conditions that cannot be easily identified visually. This equipment is designed to make the inspections more efficient and thorough.

The Home Inspection Hub team has made a list of some essential tools that our Inspectors use during their inspections:

Moisture meter
What is a moisture meter? A moisture meter is an essential piece of equipment that is used to detect the moisture levels hidden behind many different types of materials. Our Inspectors rely on moisture meters to help identify potential problems and damage to structures from moisture build-up in properties. The Home Inspection Hub Inspectors use the Tramex Encounter Plus for a non-invasive check on the properties.

Power point tester
Power point testers are important tools for our Inspectors to use when assessing the power outlet ports. This is essential, so the Inspector can see if the outlet has been earthed correctly.

Rulers/Measuring tapes
Rulers and measuring tapes are extremely common for our Inspectors to bring along for all jobs.  These tools become handy when the Inspectors are checking dimensions for safety purposes as well as size of defects such as cracks.

Pest stick
What is a pest stick? A pest stick is a thin fibre glass rod with a plastic ball at the end of it to be used for investigating signs of pests. The tool is used to tap onto skirting boards and timber frames to try and detect hollowness and movement, which is an indication of termites.

A ladder comes in handy when places are hard to reach or when an object is out of line of vision for the Inspectors.

The ‘Inspector App’
The Mobile App is used as a tool for on-site inspection reporting, producing a detailed condition report with captioned photos. This is an essential tool as the Inspector can not only put together the entire report but can also be sent directly to the client’s email or mobile device.  This enables the turnaround kept to being consistently a ’24-hour-turnaround’.

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With a comprehensive list of equipment that is used to identify any defects throughout your property, you can trust The Home Inspection Hub to be your go-to inspection company. 

When you book with The Hub, our team will endeavour to accommodate your needs, with typically only a 3-4 day wait for booking availability as well as a 24-hour report turn around.

Call us today on 1300 071 283 or click here for a quick online quote and we can help you through the stress of the process.