Why Do I Need A Maintenance Inspection?

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Why Do I Need A Maintenance Inspection?

It’s the Great Australian Dream – having a home of your own, especially a brand-new property ready for you and your family.

Building a new home can be stressful and time-consuming but is ultimately an exciting and rewarding process.

Experts agree that engaging the services of an independent property inspector to conduct new home construction inspections is invaluable throughout the new build process.

The Home Inspection Hub conducts new house construction inspections at all crucial stages: base stage, frame stage, lockup/pre-plaster, fixing stage and PCI or final handover.

We also recommend a maintenance inspection and report within the agreed timeframe stipulated in your contract.

What is a Maintenance Inspection and Why Do I Need One?

 During the maintenance period (usually the first 90 days), a builder must fix any additional defects that become apparent. While most problems are identified throughout the building process, some minor defects become more evident once the house has been lived in for a while.  These include doors or windows that don’t close properly, movement or creaking in floors, or cracking in cornices.

As a new home owner, you are entitled to have any defects rectified if they are considered to the builder’s responsibility, taking into account any warranty given by manufacturers.

It’s important to check your contract for the timing on your maintenance period – once the maintenance period expires, all repair costs fall to you as the owner, not the builder.

Finding and rectifying issues early can avoid time-consuming, costly repairs in the future, especially if these are your builder’s responsibility.

Before we conduct a maintenance inspection, we encourage clients to make a list of any issues or defects which need attention. We can help you identify which of these are the responsibility of your builder and which form normal ‘wear and tear’.

We can conduct a maintenance inspection as part of our new home construction inspection package, or as a stand-alone inspection for any client, regardless of whether we have conducted any prior inspections.

My House Isn’t New but I Have Some Concerns

 If your home is past the three-month maintenance period, or is not a new build, and you have concerns about a particular issue, contact us for a special purpose inspection.

A special purpose inspection can be helpful in identifying a specific defect or the extent of an issue within your property.

Areas of concern we typically encounter include cracking, water leaks, roof and insulation issues, mould and moisture damage, asbestos, structural problems, gaps in cornices, skirting boards and around windows.

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