Why Do I Need A Pre-Purchase House Inspection?

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Why Do I Need A Pre-Purchase House Inspection?
Are you entering the property market for the first time? Perhaps you’ve decided to upsize, downsize, tree change, sea-change or just want a change of scene! Buying a new home is an exciting adventure.

You may have attended several open for inspections and fallen in love with a property.

Perhaps the property you want is being auctioned, and you want to have everything in place before the bidding starts.

Buying a home is both a financial and an emotional investment, and it’s not hard to see why. A home is not merely bricks and mortar, but a place that houses our dreams, hopes and memories, where families grow, and where we can truly relax and cast off the stresses and demands of modern life.

There are many ‘boxes to tick’ when buying a home. Arranging for a pre-purchase house and pest inspection is an important step to ensure your dream home is just that and doesn’t become a nightmare of worry and expense due to unforeseen problems and repairs.

Keep reading for more information on the ‘why, what, who and how’ of pre-purchase house inspections.

Why Should I Pay for a Pre-Purchase House Inspection?

Attending open for inspections will give you a good overall impression of the property for sale, and a feel for whether it’s right for you.  Canstar have a useful checklist for buying a house and a checklist for buying a unit.

You may be able to identify major issues which may be ‘deal-breakers’ – but what about structural and safety issues which are not always apparent at first?

An independent inspector can carry out a comprehensive inspection including a thorough assessment of internal and external structural elements and the general condition of the property, including other structures such a sheds and patios.

Experienced inspectors will be able to see and record issues and defects that an inexperienced eye may not detect.

Your inspector can also offer advice or recommendations on how to tackle problems as well as things you can do yourself to keep your home in good repair.

The cost of a pre-purchase house inspection is insignificant compared to the thousands of dollars you may need to spend in repairs once you own the property.

What If I’m Buying At Auction?

There is of course no guarantee that you will be the successful bidder, however, arranging an inspection beforehand can ease your mind and give you the confidence to go to an auction as an informed bidder, with all of the facts.

What’s Not Covered?

An inspection generally doesn’t include estimates for repairs or information on parts of the property that couldn’t be inspected.  (If you are the vendor, make sure your home is tidy and rooms are accessible so that a thorough inspection can be conducted). Keep in mind that plumbing, electrical wiring, gas and water supplies and appliances are not inspected- these must be checked by other relevant tradespeople. Thoroughly check the terms and conditions of an inspection contract before proceeding.

What Does a Pre-Purchase House Inspection Cost?

A range of factors affects the cost of a pre-purchase inspection. These include the level of detail required, the size and location of the property.

Why Should I Get A Pest Inspection?

If you are thinking of buying a property in an area prone to termites or other pests, a pest inspection can potentially save you thousands of dollars in potential future repairs. New homes are not immune from termite and other pest damage, and the signs are not always immediately visible.

When Should I Get A Pre Purchase Inspection?

The outcome of a pre purchase inspection may put you in a better negotiating position with the vendor, if the inspection reveals serious defects or repairs to be made. If you decide not to go ahead with the purchase, make sure you know your rights and obligations during the cooling-off period.

It is prudent to have an inspection conducted before any contracts or exchanged, or during the cooling-off period.

Most inspection companies can arrange an inspection within twenty-four hours of booking, or – with enough notice – on the same day, if urgent. There may be an extra fee for this priority service.

The Home Inspection Hub can get you one step closer to signing off on your dream home with a pre-purchase house inspection from an independent and reliable inspector. Our experienced inspectors will check over 250 separate items and provide a comprehensive report with photographic evidence, which is emailed to you within 24 hours of your inspection.

Phone us on 1300 071 283 or visit our website for more information or a free quote.

We look forward to helping you in your search for a new home!