Why Pay For a Professional Building and Pest Inspection?

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With all the expenses that comes with purchasing a property, paying for a professional building and pest inspection can seem like an unnecessary outlay, especially if funds are already stretched.

Here are four reasons why a building and pest inspection with a reputable company should always be included in your buying budget.

The Outlay is Small Compared to Potential Future Expense

A good-quality building and pest inspection costs a few hundred dollars – much, much less than the thousands (or tens of thousands) you may find yourself paying when you realise that leak has turned into major water damage or that tree roots have wreaked havoc with your home’s foundations. A small investment can save huge expense later on.

Consider It a Bargaining Tool

If your building and pest inspection uncovers a defect or issue with the property, you may be able to use this to negotiate a better price with the vendor, particularly if they are in a hurry to sell. Keep in mind this should be considered alongside the time and money it will take you as the new owner to rectify the problem.

Some Banks Won’t Lend Without One

Many lenders make a satisfactory building and inspection a condition of approving your home loan. Why? They want to protect their investment (the money they lend you) in the event that they need to foreclose on the mortgage and sell it to recoup their costs.

Avoid a Nasty Surprise When You Go to Sell

Selling your property? If you didn’t get a building inspection when you bought, the issues you didn’t spot may still be there – and by now, much worse. Any potential buyer who arranges their own inspection may then be able to negotiate your asking price down with the evidence of a defect you never knew existed!

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