Why Should I Get a Maintenance Inspection?

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Why Should I Get a Maintenance Inspection?

Building your own home?

If so, you already know how important it is to engage an independent inspector at each stage of your new home construction:

  • Base Stage
  • Frame Stage
  • Lock-up-Pre-Plaster Stage
  • Fixing Stage
  • PCI/Handover Stage

Significant defects and issues can be identified at each critical juncture of the building process.

We also recommend a maintenance inspection and report within the agreed timeframe set out in the contract with your builder.

After the completion of the build,  your builder must fix any additional defects that become apparent during the maintenance period.

These may be the kinds of issues that only present themselves once you have been living in your new home for a while.

Check your contract for the timing of your maintenance period – once the maintenance period expires, all repair costs then fall to you as the owner, and are no longer the builder’s responsibility.

Been living in your new home for a little while?

Make a list of issues which need attention – doors or windows that don’t close properly, movement or creaking in floors, cracking in cornices or parts of your home that don’t appear to have been finished to the agreed standard.

A maintenance inspection will help you identify the issues to be rectified by your builder, and what is normal ‘wear and tear’.

Following is a gallery of some examples of issues found by our inspectors in the course of maintenance inspections for our new home construction clients.

Location: Theatre Room

Issue/Defect: Doors require paint sealing to all edges. Wall is bowed and scraping on the door.

Maintenance Blog Theatre Room - Why Should I Get a Maintenance Inspection?

Location: Garage Passage

Issue/Defect: There is visible cracking around the architrave and quads and beadings.

Maintenance Blog Garage Passage - Why Should I Get a Maintenance Inspection?

Location: Hallway/Passage

Issue/Defect: There is visible cracking to the skirting mitres.

Maintenance Blog Hallway Passage - Why Should I Get a Maintenance Inspection?

Location: Bedroom

Issue/Defect: Excessive door margin (first photo) and door requires paint sealing to all edges (second photo).

Maintenance Blog Bedroom - Why Should I Get a Maintenance Inspection?

If the maintenance period of your new home has passed, or is not a new build, but you have noticed an issue that is causing concern, we can help with a special purpose inspection.

Areas of concern may include cracking, water leaks, roof and insulation issues, mould and moisture damage, structural problems, gaps in cornices, skirting boards and around windows.

We can identify the source of the problem and provide recommendations on how to rectify the issue.

The Home Inspection Hub are the residential building inspection experts, servicing Melbourne, Geelong and Central Victoria. We conduct:

  • Pre-Purchase House Inspections
  • Building and Pest Inspections (with trusted pest specialist Crunch Pest Control)
  • New Home Construction Inspections
  • Special Purpose and Renovation Inspections
  • Owner Builder Defects (137b) Reports
  • Tax Depreciation Schedules
  • Contract Review
  • VCAT Reports and Expert Witness
  • Building Dispute Reports

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