Why You Need an Inspection at Every Stage of your New Build

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Why You Need an Inspection at Every Stage of your New Build

The building of new homes in Australia is continuing amidst the upheaval that COVID-19 has brought to our economy in recent months.

The construction industry is one of the major drivers that underpins our wealth and stability, and so urgent and immediate measures have been put in place to ensure its ongoing health.

If you are building your own home, you will already know the importance of stage inspections throughout the build.

These are: base stage, frame stage, lock-up/pre-plaster, fixing stage and final inspection or PCI (Practical Completion Inspection).

Stage inspections at different milestones throughout the build process can bring to light a number of issues:

  • Sub-standard workmanship or ‘cutting corners’
  • Work which varies in both quality and scope from your building contract
  • Non-compliance with building standards and health and safety considerations
  • Work not finished to an agreed standard

You may be tempted to skip some of these inspections or go straight to a final inspection just before the completion of your build.

While a final inspection is a critical step before you make the final payment to your builder, it is often at this stage that our inspectors find issues that could (and should) have been picked up earlier in the build.

This can result in lengthy delays to the completion of your home, budget blow-outs, and possible disputes with your builder if there is disagreement on the issues involved.

At a recent final inspection for one of our clients, our inspector detected a large amount of moisture to the lower brickwork behind one of the bedrooms. At this point he was unable to find the location of the leak, but surmised that it may have been a pipe that was pierced during construction, as there did not appear to be an issue with the sewer pipe – all taps were operational.

He also detected issues with the main bathroom’s slab and concrete roof. The external of the slab had been poured up to 20mm higher than parts of the centre of the slab. As this issue was not detected at the time, there are now issues to the bath hob and shower base which are well out of level and may need to be reinstalled correctly.

His report to the client stated that this was an defect that would have been noticed earlier in the construction, but has been overlooked or ignored, leading to the current issue.

In another property, the finish of the garage slab was well below standard, something that should and could have been picked up when the concrete was initially poured.

Engaging an independent building inspector means you get unbiased observation and advice from someone who is working for you, and not your builder.

An independent inspector can also review your contract before the build begins, to help you navigate the terms and language used in the building industry which can be confusing and intimidating to the uninitiated.

The Home Inspection Hub conducts all stage inspections for new home construction  – we also offer a contract review service and conduct maintenance inspections.

A discount on your final inspection is applied when you book four or more stage inspections with us. Your inspector prepares a detailed report which is emailed to you within 24 hours of the completion of each inspection.

The Home Inspection Hub services Greater Melbourne, Geelong and Central Victoria.

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